Video: Flag and Filter your MS Project file!

You probably don’t want to import your entire MS Project file into Milestones, especially if you have thousands of tasks!

Our new video shows you a few different methods to limit which tasks get imported, to make your life easier:

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June 2018 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for June 2018

Moving a master schedule
I have moved a master schedule and its slaves to a different folder on my PC. How do I get it to update the links for the slave schedules so that the point to the new folder I’ve moved them too?

Show date headings at both the top and bottom of the schedule
Is it possible to display the date headings below the schedule?

Angled symbol text
How can I show some of my text at an angle so I can get more information onto my crowded schedule?

Copy all pages to PowerPoint
How can I copy my multi-page schedule into PowerPoint without pasting one page at a time?.

Autosave to protect files From system and software crashes
If my computer or software crashes or reboots while I’m saving a Milestones schedule, how can I recover the file?.

No numbers below DataGraph
I have two data graphs on my chart. Since my timeline covers about 2 years, the data table associated with the graph is not legible. I would like to have only the graph with no data table. From what I can tell, the only options I have are Data Above the Graph or Data Below the Graph. However, I want to leave out the numbers entirely.

Using substitutable text strings and default symbol text
I’m making a “no-columns” presentation schedule. Is there an easy way to attach my task names as symbol text?

Earned value columns
I need to use Earned Value in my Milestones schedule, but I’m not sure what each column means or how it calculates information. Can you help me with this information?

Rolled up symbol to show up on summary bar
How can I get one of the symbols on a lower outline level to show up on my summary bar?

Adding links on crowded schedules
My schedule is very crowded and I often have trouble selecting symbols due to their closeness. Because of this, It’s very difficult to add vertical links between two symbols. Any suggestions?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for June 2018

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