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KIDASA Software, Inc.

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, KIDASA Software offers project scheduling software for business and government organizations.

The idea for KIDASA’s Milestones software came while founder Susan Butler worked at Lockheed’s Austin Division. Spending more than one late evening helping engineers put together their presentation-ready milestone charts for next-day briefings, Sue had the idea that there just had to be an easier, less expensive and less time-consuming way to produce these charts.

Since available project management software didn’t offer the presentation qualities required, engineers and manager resorted to using CAD software, graphic designers and PC-based drawing packages. The process was tedious and extremely time-consuming.

Milestones, Etc. 1.0, introduced in 1989 for the Windows 2.1 platform (yes, really!) offered a way for engineers and other professionals to quickly and easily put together these presentation ready milestone and Gantt charts. Instead of spending hours, schedules fit for any executive presentation could be knocked out in the 15 minutes before the meeting.

In the years since the introduction of our Milestones software, our customers have helped to refine our original concept into two distinct products: Milestones Professional and Milestones Simplicity.

These applications are the product of over 20 years of continual improvements that customers have said has created the most flexible and easy to use software in the industry. KIDASA clients include Boeing, which uses Milestones worldwide, Raytheon, the U.S. military, NASA, United Space Alliance, Isuzu Motors, Cesar Pelli, Lockheed Martin, countless government agencies, utility companies, educational institutions, and more.

Main Contacts at KIDASA Software:
Susan Butler – President
Don Elder – Vice President
Cari Wagenman – Product Specialist
Daniel Elder – Product Specialist / Software Training
Karina Cruz – Product Specialist / Sales Specialist
Support: 512-328-0168 / 800-765-0167
Sales: 512-328-0167 / 800-765-0167