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Scheduling Automation Demo

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Live Milestones Server Demo

Live Milestones Server Demo

Choose a schedule, enter a title and press the button:

Government Contract
Master Schedule
Earned Value
Condo Project

Enter a title:

<% ' Set Initial Conditions ' Did the user press a RUN button to execute the form? If so get the form variables. if Request.ServerVariables("REQUEST_METHOD") = "POST" then title = Request.Form("title") myType = request.form("TYPE") Select Case ucase(MyType) case "D" FileName="c:\miles2000\Design.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Design Schedule with your title in Red" case "W" FileName="c:\miles2000\Waterfall.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Waterfall Schedule with your title in Red" case "GC" FileName="c:\miles2000\Contract2.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Contract Schedule with your title in Red" case "MS" FileName="c:\miles2000\Master.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Master Schedule with your title in Red" case "EV" FileName="c:\miles2000\EarnedValue.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Earned Value Schedule with your title in Red" case "CD" FileName="c:\miles2000\Condo4.ml6" DisplayString="Displaying Condo Project Schedule with your title in Red" End Select timestring= Hour(Time) & Minute(Time) & Second(Time) set oMiles=GetObject(FileName,"Milestones") oMiles.Activate oMiles.Refresh Randomize ImageName = "test"+CStr(Rnd)+".jpg" pathname1="/information/programmers/asp/images/" pathname2="e:\inetpub\kidasawww\information\programmers\asp\images\" Response.Write DisplayString FullPathImageName = pathname2+ImageName WWWPathImageName = pathname1+ImageName oMiles.SetTitle2 "Your Title"+title oMiles.Refresh oMiles.SaveBitmap (FullPathImageName) oMiles.Close "NoSave" Response.Write "

" end if %>