Video: Import your schedule from Microsoft Project using a Built-in Template

This video covers the basics of our Project to Milestones wizard, using a Basic Gantt built-in template. The video also goes over the Refresh Process, and the options related to Refreshing your schedule.

Watch the video below to see if you learn anything new:

See OPDEC’s Updated Critical Path Tool

OPDEC is the creator of a paid add-on for users of Milestones Professional and Microsoft Project, and they have recently released a new version.
Here are just a few of the 2016 version features to help you with your project:
  • Displays a graphic representation of up to 5 critical paths
  • Quick analysis of the critical paths to Major Milestones
  • Configurable profiles to easily support multiple programs
  • Customizable output using templates
  • Exports to MS PowerPoint
  • Ability to run multiple Critical Path charts by use of custom lists and filters.
  • For more information on how Critical Path can help you please visit:

May 2016 Tips and Tricks (Click the question title for the complete answer!)

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Copy tasks from one schedule to another
I want to copy a few tasks from my current schedule to a new schedule. Is this possible?

Merge schedules together
I am creating a master schedule. I’m building several individual schedules which I want to merge together. Is there an easy way to do this?

Copy my toolbox to another schedule
I love the toolbox I have set up. How can I copy it to a new schedule? Can I somehow make it my “default” toolbox?

Percent Complete values not “sticking”
In my percent complete column, I am trying to type in a value to change the percent complete of the task, but the value is not being retained.

Visual Basic interface to Milestones?
Is there a VBA or Visual Basic interface for Milestones? I use VBA to perform automation from PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Project and it would be useful if I could access Milestones Professional similarly.

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks