Video: Attach Date Heading to Any Task Row

Check out our video on how to attach a date heading anywhere on your schedule, starting with Milestones Professional 2017. You can add a brand new date heading, or just copy your existing date headings.

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April 2017 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for April 2017

Blank SmartColumn Cells
My Indicator column shows additional indicators on blank rows. How can I get rid of these extra symbols?

Change the shape of a symbol based on status
I would like a symbol to change when it’s completed. Is this possible?

Attach a date heading to a task row
I want to add a date heading about half-way through my schedule. Is this possible now?

Report obsolete milestones upon refresh
I am refreshing my Milestones Professional schedule from Microsoft Project. How can I tell if a symbol on my Milestones schedule is referring to a task which I have deleted in my Project file (and therefore no longer getting refreshed)?

Lock symbols to a date when moving to another row
Is there any way to lock the symbol date when moving from one task row to another task row?

Chart drawing slow
When I move my mouse from the schedule area to the Toolbox, the screen flickers and causes Milestones to slow down. What’s going on?

Custom Headers and Footers
I need to display custom header and footer information on all pages of my schedule. Is this possible?

Lock a symbol to a date
Can I lock some of my symbols to a specific dates?

Change date range in Viewer
In Milestone Professional, I can scroll right and left on a schedule by pressing Shift + PgUp or PgDn. In the Milestone Viewer this does not work. How do I scroll forward and backward in time using the Viewer?

Change properties of summary bar symbols
How do I change the symbols and bars for the summary bars which show up automatically? I tried to click on them, but nothing happened.

Change the color of horizontal bars
I need to change the color of horizontal bars on my schedule. How do I change the color of all bars of a certain type? How about if I just want to change an individual bar. Is this possible?

Change the number of task rows per page
I need more rows on my schedule. How can I add more rows?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for April 2017

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