Video: Import and Refresh from Microsoft Excel

Check out our video on importing from Excel into Milestones Professional 2017. Starting with version 2017, you can even refresh your data if your Excel file changes, so check out this short tutorial which explains the process below.

Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017

Click here to Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017 for only $149 (if you already own any version of Milestones Professional).

To see what has changed, check out our “What’s New in Milestones Professional 2017” page.

June 2017 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for June 2017

Need larger toolbox
Is there a way to increase the size of the tool box? it is too small to see what symbols I need to use. I’m using a very high res monitor.

Cant select text box
I moved a text box off of my schedule and now I can’t select it to move or delete it. Help!

Published symbol hyperlink not working
I have published my schedule as HTML using the Internet Publisher. Now, when I try to click one of the links on the schedule in the published HTML file, the link does not work.

Three rows per page in PowerPoint
I am presenting my Milestones Professional schedule in PowerPoint and want to only show three rows on each PowerPoint slide. Any way to do this?

Stamp a schedule with a date, page number, and more
How do I add a date and time stamp to show when the schedule was created (up in the right-hand corner of the schedule)? How can I place a date and time stamp in the lower left corner as a “footer”?

Baseline isn’t hiding
I have two sets of bars for each of my tasks. One set is for baseline, and one is to show the current plan. When I try to hide the baseline nothing changes. Any idea what could be wrong?

Swimlane setup
Is it possible to set up swimlanes similar to my example in Milestones Professional 2017, possibly with the swimlane title rotated 90 degrees?

Milestones Professional Automation Interface Documentation
Is there some documentation available for using VBA with Milestones Professional or at least something that will identify the values associated with formatting bar styles in a chart.

Phantom symbols
I have been experiencing a strange problem with Milestones Professional. Specifically, when I add a symbol to a chart, it also adds a symbol on the line (or two) above it.

Default Symbol Text
I’m making a “no-columns” presentation schedule. Is there an easy way to attach my task names as symbol text?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for June 2017

Join the Milestones Professional Users LinkedIn Group

For anyone interested, there’s a free Milestones Professional user group on LinkedIn you can join to share best practices, network with other users, and maybe learn some tips along the way from other experienced Milestones users.

To join, head over to the following website and click Join:

Note: This user group is an unofficial group run by Milestones software users, and is not managed by KIDASA Software, Inc. A free LinkedIn account is required to join the group.