MPUG Vendor Session: Link your Milestones Schedule to Multiple MS Project Files

Check out our video on linking a Milestones schedule to Multiple MS Project files below. Click on the video that we circled in red on MPUG’s website:

Visit our MPUG page and click on the 2017 Vendor Showcase Session

Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017

Click here to Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2017 for only $149 (if you already own any version of Milestones Professional).

To see what has changed, check out our “What’s New in Milestones Professional 2017” page.

July 2017 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for July 2017

Move one symbol only
When I move one symbol on my schedule, other symbols are moving too. Help! I only want to move one symbol.

Dashed line for symbol
I want my symbol to look like this. Is it possible?

Internet: “Fuzzy” graphics
When I create a JPG of the schedule, there is a bit of fuzzy gray background behind all text, and it is not sharp on the screen.

Maximize my screen space while working on a schedule
Sometimes I want to work on my schedule without the top toolbar. Is there a way to use the entire screen?

Unhide the Legend
I hid the legend and now I need to put it back on the schedule. After I hide the legend, how do I get it to reappear?

What is the red line which zig zags down my schedule?
What is the red line which seems to go in and out from the current date line?

Adjust task row height with automation
Is there a way to change the height of a row using Milestones Professional Automation?

Difference between status line and current date line
What is the difference between the status line and the current date line?

Symbols above the bar
I am trying to show symbols above a bar, like this example. Can you tell me what the trick is?

Remove all baseline or status symbols
I want to remove all of the baseline symbols and status symbols on my schedule. Is there an easy way to do this?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for July 2017

Join the Milestones Professional Users LinkedIn Group

For anyone interested, there’s a free Milestones Professional user group on LinkedIn you can join to share best practices, network with other users, and maybe learn some tips along the way from other experienced Milestones users.

To join, head over to the following website and click Join:

Note: This user group is an unofficial group run by Milestones software users, and is not managed by KIDASA Software, Inc. A free LinkedIn account is required to join the group.