Video: Check your Project to Milestones Links!

It’s very handy to be able to double-check how symbols and rows in Milestones are linked to your MS Project schedule.

Our new video shows you 5 different methods, including a cool new addition for viewing the tag right on the schedule:

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April 2018 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for April 2018

Hide indicator symbols on blank lines
I have indicator symbol values that are “0”. How do I get Milestones Professional NOT to draw an indicator symbol on lines that are blank?

Help finding “invisible” symbols
I have deleted some stuff from a chart, but there are several blank symbols scattered around and I’m having trouble finding them

Adjust the position of symbol within a task row to relieve crowding
Symbols on a task row are close together, if not on top of each other. How can I display them better?

Change symbol date format to a custom format
My computer is set up for English and with United States settings. However, I want to make the dates on my schedule reflect a date order used by my customers. Instead of mm/dd/yy, I would like to use dd/mm/yy. Is this possible?

Symbol count SmartColumn
What is a “Symbol Count” SmartColumn?

Symbol Date Format
Any symbols I add show Month/Year instead of Month/day/year. (e.g. – 6/11 instead of 6/28 for a milestone of 6/28/2011). I would like the dates which appear above the symbols to show the month and the day. How do I change this?

Duration on a summary bar
I have a duration column. On the summary bar, the duration appears to be the total of the lower level durations. I don’t want the cumulative duration of all the tasks but the duration from the start of the first task to the completion of the last task.

Exclude hidden tasks when filtering
I am making an upper level schedule, and am using the Split Summary Bar setting. I would like to filter the schedule so that I can exclude certain tasks and then show just the tasks I want on the summary bar. The problem is that when I filter, the summary bar is still showing the unwanted tasks.

Export from Primavera
I would like to import from Primavera. Is there anything special I need to do to generate the XML files which Milestones can use?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for April 2018

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