Video: Set up a Stoplight Column

Check out the video below to find out how to add and customize a Stoplight Column inside Milestones Professional.

See how easy it is below:

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July 2018 Tips and Tricks

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Why are summary bars not showing
Why aren’t my summary bars showing up?

Why are some symbols not filled
Why are some of the symbols and connectors on my chart filled in while others are not?

Symbol ValueSet values not adding up
I am using type 4 (symbol) ValueSet and displaying a total in a DataGraph on the last page. For some reason, the total appears to be wrong.

Add a stoplight column
What is the easiest way to add a stoplight column to my schedule? I want to control the color of the stoplight for each task.

Separate projects visually on a schedule
I am showing several projects on one chart. I need some ideas for separating them visually.

Change the date range for a single page on the schedule
After inserting the second page, how do you change the date headings on it without changing the first page?

Locked Symbols
I have attached a chart that I created in Milestones Professional. This is a chart that is used for a lot of briefings for the government. Unfortunately my engineer and I opened it to make some changes and if you try a lot of the bars are locked and I cannot change the links or delete.

Copy a column of text from Milestones to Excel
I’m seeking help on how to export a column of text (Task Names) from Milestones Professional to Microsoft Excel.

Show only the month with the symbol
How can I make the symbol date show only the month?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for July 2018

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