Video: Vertical Symbol Position

Check out the video below to see how to move your symbols vertically within the same row in Milestones Professional.

Pretty handy especially if you are trying to show a lot of information on the same row.

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Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2019

Click here to Upgrade to Milestones Professional 2019 for only $149 (if you already own any version of Milestones Professional). To see what has changed, check out our “What’s New in Milestones Professional 2019” page.

Upgrade to Milestones Simplicity 2019

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March 2019 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for March 2019

Continuous View – Freeze the left columns and headings
I have a very large schedule (hundreds of tasks). Is there any way, like in Excel to “freeze” the columns on the left and the date headings on the top and just scroll through the schedule?

Toolbox appears very small on my high resolution screen
Is there a way to increase the size of the tool box? It is currently too small to see what symbols I need to use. I’m using a very high res monitor.

Extra thick line on schedule
I can’t figure out how to get rid of this extra thick line on my schedule. It’s apparently not a grid line and I can’t pick it.

Boxed text to annotate symbols
I am a PowerPoint user and would like to have a PowerPoint feel on my Milestones project schedule. Is there any way to make something like this appear near one of my symbols:

Attach a picture to a symbol
I would like to attach a picture to a symbol. Is this possible?

Picture gets chopped off
I don’t know why, but all of a sudden when I go to export a Picture Metafile, when I go to open that picture I only have a portion of my chart (the top left 25% roughly). I don’t think I changed any settings, but what would be causing this?

Create a visual roadmap
Is Milestones Professional compatible with Microsoft Project? Can I migrate the output from Microsoft Project over to Milestones Professional? The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to keep updating my projects in Microsoft Project, but would like to use Milestones Professional to present a visual roadmap of the project.

Change a symbol’s color
I am trying to change the fill color of a selected symbol. I have made the change in the Selection/Size/Color tab /Symbol fill color on the Override Symbol and Bar Colors section, but it will not display in the page as the new selected color. I can see that it is changed on the tab above, and on the Symbol properties page, but not in the actual chart. Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly.

Eliminate the date stamp
How can I eliminate the Date that appears near the upper right corner of the schedule?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for March 2019

Join the Milestones Professional Users LinkedIn Group

For anyone interested, there’s a free Milestones Professional user group on LinkedIn you can join to share best practices, network with other users, and maybe learn some tips along the way from other experienced Milestones users. To join, head over to the following website and click Join:
Note: This user group is an unofficial group run by Milestones software users, and is not managed by KIDASA Software, Inc. A free LinkedIn account is required to join the group.