Buy Milestones Professional Training – Become a Milestones Expert!

Online Training

All you need is a web browser and a phone line. Just log in to view a combination of presentation materials and see Milestones in action. Dial in to our teleconference number to participate in the discussion!

Training can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Online Course: Basics (Cost: $200 per student, 2 hours)

  • This session lasts two hours, and covers a variety of basic topics, including:
    Layout and Formatting of schedules, modifying the legend, modifying your Toolbox, adding and moving symbols and bars, outline levels, summary bars, saving and exporting your Milestones Schedule.

Online Course: Advanced (Cost $300 per student, 3 hours)

  • This session lasts three hours, and covers more advanced topics including:
    Importing your data from Microsoft Project, coding your Microsoft Project file to import to Milestones, linking your existing tasks back to an MS Project File, and any other advanced topics you’d like to cover.

Online Training: Consulting (Cost $100 per hour)

  • You can purchase consulting if you have specific questions or would like to learn more about specific topics.

Scheduling Information: Classes can generally be scheduled Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am-4pm CST  (09:30 – 16:00 UTC -6), subject to trainer availability.

Please include your scheduling preference at the bottom of the order form in the comments box. Once your order is processed we will contact you to schedule your training day and time.

On-site Training

Many users, especially groups, want to guarantee proficiency and that users within a company are all on the same page. KIDASA offers a standard training course of basic and advanced topics, and/or targeted training according to your needs.  Training can be half-day, full-day, multiple days – whatever is needed.  You provide the training space and computers and we will send a great teacher and all training materials.

On-site Training costs:

One day: $3000
Two days: $5000

Covers schedule layout, Toolboxes, SmartColumns, text, symbols, connectors, graphics, view modes, outlining, dependencies, status reports, distribution, and more.

Includes importing from Microsoft Project, including flagging, filtering, and coding. Also includes linking existing tasks back to an MS Project file, refreshing changed dates from MS Project, and refreshing from multiple MS Project files.

Payment or PO must be received at least two weeks prior to training date.

Facilities Requirements

  • Computer facilities (no more than 2 trainees per computer)
  • Maximum of 20 trainees per session
  • Instructor’s computer with projector (or video connections for our own laptop)
  • Ability to load training material onto computers from a CD or internet
  • Milestones Professional, Excel (if needed), MS Project (if needed), PowerPoint loaded on each computer
  • Internet connections (optional)

Other Information

  • Training content includes neither programming nor OLE Automation.
  • Each trainee must be licensed to use the latest version of Milestones Professional.
  • Non-disclosure Agreement: The Milestones trainer/consultant understands that any information shared by or learned from the client is strictly proprietary, and he/she agrees not to disclose this information to any party.
  • All Travel/Lodging Costs Are Already Included*
  • *International Training: Contact us for pricing outside of the US.