Milestones Professional Tutorial Videos

The videos in this series are designed to teach one part of Milestones Professional in each video. We aim for the tutorials to be between 5-10 minutes long, short and sweet.

Milestones Professional Basics

Schedule Size
Learn about setting your schedule layout to the appropriate size in this Milestones Professional video.

Row Height / Rows per Page
Learn about changing the height of your rows, and the number of rows per page in Milestones Professional.


The Toolbox: Introduction
Learn about the Toolbox in Milestones Professional (that thing on the right side of the screen with all the symbols and bars).

The Toolbox: Modify Symbols
Learn about modifying symbols in the Toolbox in this video. We recommend watching the Toolbox Introduction video first.

The Toolbox: Modify Bars
Learn about setting up Bars on your Toolbox, so that you can use them on your schedule.

Add Symbols and Bars to your Schedule
Learn about adding symbols and bars using the large Plus (+) tool and the small Plus (+) tool in this video.

Create a Custom Bitmap Symbol
Learn how to use a bitmap picture (.BMP) as a custom Symbol in Milestones Professional

FreeForm Text
Learn about the T tool in Milestones Professional, and how to use it to add FreeForm text.

Attach a Date Heading to a Task Row
Starting in version 2017, you can attach Date Headings to any Task Row in Milestones Professional.

Export a PDF with Bookmarks
Did you know you can add Bookmarks to your schedule to make it easier to navigate the PDF that you save?

Add a Stoplight Column
Check out how to add a Stoplight Column to your schedule, which can help you show status easily.

Milestones Professional: Advanced Topics

Logarithmic Date Headings
Logarithmic Date Headings allow you to expand certain time periods, while shrinking other time periods.

Milestones Professional: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks #1
Check out our first set of Tips and Tricks for Milestones Professional.

Tips and Tricks #2
Check out our second set of Tips and Tricks for Milestones Professional.

Milestones Professional: Working with Other Programs

Microsoft Excel Import (and Refresh)
Learn how to import information from Microsoft Excel, and (starting in Milestones Professional 2017) refresh your information.

Refresh from Multiple MS Project Files
With this video, you learn how to connect a single Milestones Schedule to Multiple MS Project files, using our Nickname feature.

Link to MS Project: Manual Tagging
Link existing Milestones tasks back to MS Project, or add tasks from MS Project into an existing Milestones schedule.

Import from MS Project: Let the Wizard Guide You
Check out our step-by-step importing option from MS Project. Also see how to set up Custom Symbology during the import.

Import from MS Project: Coded Presentation Timeline / Birds on a Wire
Coded Presentation Timeline uses a single Text field in your Project file to assign finish dates to different colored swimlanes in Milestones Professional.

Import from MS Project: Coded Finish Dates
Coded Finish Dates uses a single Text field in your Project file to assign finish dates to their own rows in Milestones Professional.

Import from MS Project: Coded Symbols and Bars
This coded import option allows you to mark each task in MS Project to tell Milestones how to import the task, and which row to place it on.

Change / Replace your UniqueIDs
Find out how to change / replace the UniqueIDs that your schedule uses.

Check your Symbol Tags
Watch how to find all of the tags on your schedule, and even to search for specific UniqueIDs.

File Compare
Learn how to compare tagged files in Milestones Professional with our File Compare feature.