Video: Change or Update your UniqueIDs in Milestones Professional

If you need to replace multiple UniqueIDs (or just a lot of instances of a single UniqueID), give this video a shot:

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January 2018 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for  January 2018

Don’t want short pages when using page breaks
Is there a way to use a page break which doesn’t truncate the bottom of the chart? I want my pages to all be the same number of tasks per page.

Link to active task Tag and Update issue
I find that the Unique IDs on a task row are sometimes changed when I use Link to Active MS Project task, “Tag and Update”.

Trouble pasting into PowerPoint
Hmmm…. what’s this? Too complex? What does this mean?

Unidentified symbol issue
I’m working on a chart and just noticed that there is a light blue bar looking symbol in one of my task rows that I didn’t add and cannot land on with my cursor (even tabbing through). I don’t know where this could have come from. I don’t use this color anywhere in my chart so I don’t know where this could have come from. Any ideas on how I can get rid of it?

What are all these lines?
I can’t figure out what all of these lines are on my schedule. Any idea?

Trouble selecting a symbol on my crowded schedule
I am having trouble selecting the symbol I want to change. My schedule is extremely dense (40 per row!) Any ideas would be great.

Added a vertical link but it doesn’t show up
I have added a couple of vertical links on my schedule but they do not appear.

Vertical connectors on a multi-page schedule
My schedule has many vertical connectors, connecting dates across pages. When I look at the connectors, it’s often challenging to determine which page they are connected to. Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

Vertical connectors in the legend
Can I show a vertical connector in the legend?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for January 2018

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Note: This user group is an unofficial group run by Milestones software users, and is not managed by KIDASA Software, Inc. A free LinkedIn account is required to join the group.