Stay on Track This Holiday Season with Custom Symbols

Using bitmaps instead of built-in symbols can help you to better visualize your project:

Download the schedule here:

Be sure to check out our Custom Bitmap Symbol Tutorial Video to see how to use your own bitmaps.

See all the videos we created in 2017

We created a lot of Tutorials for Milestones Professional in 2017, check them all out below:

Tutorial: Create a Custom Bitmap Symbol
Tutorial: Row Height / Rows per Page
Tutorial: Adding Symbols to your Schedule
Tutorial: Link entire rows to MS Project
Tutorial: Attach a Date Heading to a Task Row
Tutorial: FreeForm Text
Tutorial: Import and Refresh from MS Excel
Tutorial: Modify Bars on your Toolbox
Tutorial: Refresh from Multiple MS Project files

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December 2017 Tips and Tricks

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for December 2017

Refresh from Microsoft Excel
I have a challenge. In my new organization, they use Real Time Enterprise instead of MS Project. The Task Order Schedule is at least 9k lines. I can export to Excel but I’m not sure how to build a Milestone chart with the key deployment tasks that we need to monitor. What would you suggest? That RTE file has UIDs so that’s good. But I’m spending way too much time comparing last week’s schedule to this weeks.

Date heading only shows letter for part of the heading
My date heading shows some months with the full name and others with an abbreviation. Is there a way to make it consistent?

Move symbols ahead by 4 months
How can I move a group of symbols about 4 months to the right all at the same time?

Horizontal bar has white stripe
I am using Milestones Professional to build a chart for our management. The task bars I am inserting (which should be solid) have a white stripe through the middle of them. Here’s a picture.

Custom Headers and Footers
I need to display custom header and footer information on all pages of my schedule. Is this possible?

Collapse expand indicators questions answered
I would like to have the summary bar line up with the rolled up symbols from below. How can I change the color of the roll-up triangle?

What can affect Fill to Status Date?
I have the Symbols: Fill to Status Date and Bars: Fill to Status Date options toggled on. However, it is not working. What could be disabling this feature?

Need larger toolbox
Is there a way to increase the size of the tool box? it is too small to see what symbols I need to use. I’m using a very high res monitor.

Three rows per page in PowerPoint
I am presenting my Milestones Professional schedule in PowerPoint and want to only show three rows on each PowerPoint slide. Any way to do this?

Stamp a schedule with a date, page number, and more
How do I add a date and time stamp to show when the schedule was created (up in the right-hand corner of the schedule)? How can I place a date and time stamp in the lower left corner as a “footer”?

What is the red line which zig zags down my schedule?
What is the red line which seems to go in and out from the current date line?

For these and more, view Tips and Tricks for December 2017

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